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A new week

this week I watched the movie for bridge to terabithia and it was cool not my favorite though. I am still doing the cooking class and I like it a lot. I am also doing the push ups chalking and It I going well. I went to anatomy and physiology that was fun we watched a video of the skeleton and that kind of stuff. I went yo crossfit and it was hard as usual. I am still doing intermittent math and I like it. I went to Chang up. Ariana’s B day was fun. I started novle club and I like it. Will had his Hovar board and he let me ride it. I went on a hike it was cool. And today…….. I went to a talk about stuff and it was interesting to me. I played geometry dash and I am getting closer to beating a level that I really want to beat. And now I am here blogging for you. See you soon??????????????????????????????.


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