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A new week

This week I did book club ,the book is ok but not my favorite.

I read a lot this week and the book I am reading is really good. It’s the scorch trials. I watched some of my friends play a board game. I also drew a lot this week. I have been working on a lot of stuff lately. I did the hike and it was pretty easy but a lot of fun.

I did ?⬆️ And did ms / mystery science were we did the penny thing. Yup that penny thing. Hehe

i went to Jess’s house and got to see all of there snakes and it was really cool

I went to Ethan’s meeting thingy and it was a lot of fun.

I did Ari’s around the sun. AND I GOT MEGGD. I am still mad to this day……….

And today/ Friday I trolled people in minecraft and it was really funny. Goodbye people??

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