A new week

This week I

played outside

i read

i did khan

i played the piano and guitar

i did a lot of gardening

i finished the office. ?

I went to the library

i did Ethan’s welcome thing

i got a new book and read some of that

i did change up

i did whitnesshifring

i did pre algebra

I listened to music

i had a pillow fight

i walked on my knees all day Thursday

and now I am blogging.


A new week

This week I went to set the week

i watched the office,btw best show ever

i played truth or dare

i went to change up

i did pre algebra

i did some extra math

I did khan

i participated in the fire drill

i did a lot of gardening this week

I read my chemistry book

i played music with Aiden

i drew a new character

and now I am blogging

A new week

This week I did book club ,the book is ok but not my favorite.

I read a lot this week and the book I am reading is really good. It’s the scorch trials. I watched some of my friends play a board game. I also drew a lot this week. I have been working on a lot of stuff lately. I did the hike and it was pretty easy but a lot of fun.

I did ?⬆️ And did ms / mystery science were we did the penny thing. Yup that penny thing. Hehe

i went to Jess’s house and got to see all of there snakes and it was really cool

I went to Ethan’s meeting thingy and it was a lot of fun.

I did Ari’s around the sun. AND I GOT MEGGD. I am still mad to this day……….

And today/ Friday I trolled people in minecraft and it was really funny. Goodbye people??

a long week

okedokie this week i went to great wolf lodge and i was not at school until Friday. about the lodge’ well it was really warm and humid inside the water park but they have  a lot of water slides. i went on  all of them a lot and had a great time. them i got back from the lodge and spent three days with my cousins and played a lot of pool. then i came here and today i drew a lot and ate lunch which was satisfying and nice. then we did clean up and spawn and now i am blogging. goodbye

a new week

this week i played a lot of chess and i mean a LOT of chess. chess/ i did some reading on chess/i played Ayan Aiden Caleb and the computer/ i watched tons of chess games on youtube. i did book club and the book is getting really good. i also drew a lot about a new book idea that i have in my head. i did change up… and i did that all over again

a new week

mon.I did set the week…this week i also did the summer road trip meeting and we are going to Florida. I’m don’t know if I am going to go this year but I might. so are school has a zipline and I went to the meeting to talk about it and it is really cool but it was crazy because everybody wanted to go on it. t. I did the documentary it was cool it was about DNA. I learned a lt about DNA that day. I drew a lot during the week. I had so many ideas it was easy to think of things to draw. lots of the time finding things to draw is hard for me so that was good. wed. I went to change up and well it was annoying and aggravating but we got through a lot so it was ok. we / Alona Tessa Elisha Zack Jess Liberty Caleb and me are reading this book called the maze runner and it is really good. and drew some more. th. some people took a hike uptown and I was one of them and it was really cool. we went to some parks and ate at seventh street market. fri. I watched a movie and ate lunch. see you next week hopefully…….

the last week…

this week Ayan showed me how to solv the rubiks cube in a new way. i did cross fit which was not vary hard . i played froggie  and did connors birthday stuff. i went to the pool. and today i did field day and now i am doijg my blog. goodbye…

a new week

this week i did math. i played clash royal. i did some reading. i did some gymnastics. i did the backpacking meeting. i played soccer. i did Chang up. i played iota which is a really cool game. i played outside. i did the hike. i watched Netflix.i did the bike ride. i jumped over the rug in the big room and now i am blogging

a new week

this week i did math. i played super liamora which is a game that Liam made and it is really fun. i did anatomy and physiology and we did massages. i did some algebra. i road my scooter and did a boneless off the tow stair. i went to Freedom park and bunny hoped over a three foot distance. i biked to a bike shop. i red a little. and now i am blogging goodbye……………………….