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So this is basically a color coding envelope that you set your intention and then color code it with it’s proper area in the envelope. I picked 5 categories at the start of the week that I used on my envelope. These are important to me, especially peace, physical activity and arts & crafts.


I played ping pong and I feel like that goes with peace. The sound of ping pong ping pong ping pong relaxes my brain.

I played soccer and I thought that was physical activity.

I played werewolves and that was understanding people. That category suits it the most.

I drew and I felt that that was arts & crafts.

I played capture the flag and I felt that that was physical activity.

I played crazy bones and I felt that that was peaceful because you get to sit down and listen to the air conditioning and flick plastic figures and that’s really fun.



  1. NancyT says:

    Sounds like you had a fun week! I find your description of ping pong being peaceful very interesting, when I think of it now I can easily imagine the “ping pong” sound being calming and meditative 🙂

    I notice that you didn’t label anything as “solving problems.” What kinds of problems do you like to solve?

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