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Yay..ok fine HELLO

Hello everyone I am back with another blog writing a reviewing on  things for you . This week was fine in a good way. So this week was cool. I am using a app that I have you can make music I is called launchpad. And I have also been using a app to make music that app is called blocks wave. Thay are vary useful if you want to make music. So last week some of the people took a walk to the common market and stopped at a fire station and thay let us look inside and this week we went to go give them some cookies and bath bombs . So that was fun and yah. I also built a sun clock thing and that was fun .

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  1. NancyT says:

    LOL!! “Sun Clock” I love that name! It’s also called a sun dial. I love how it can tell time pretty accurately 🙂

    Also, I would love to hear some of your music one day!

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