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This is a story not done with it yet

A peaceful day. The trees are blowing in the wind . At school today but when you look and I mean look then you will see something isn’t right. I don’t know what is coming because sometimes I am ignorant to the world including almost every person in the world. In the world of ignorance and no love thar lives a demon . A demon of darkness in hiding waiting to make a move. Again almost every person on the planet and thar ignores this and it is because of that the demon is alive and doing well. Well enough to expand the ignorance level even higher. So that we are not aware of what is going on. And that I an advantage for them but som people take the time to go deep in to the matters of ignorance. And it is those people that will hopefully save the world that we live in. And the reason why I say the word that we live in is because the demon and those who follow him live in a different dimension then we do and are dimension and the people that take the time to notice the ignorance in the world those are the people that are a threat to them.


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