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mon.I did set the week…this week i also did the summer road trip meeting and we are going to Florida. I’m don’t know if I am going to go this year but I might. so are school has a zipline and I went to the meeting to talk about it and it is really cool but it was crazy because everybody wanted to go on it. t. I did the documentary it was cool it was about DNA. I learned a lt about DNA that day. I drew a lot during the week. I had so many ideas it was easy to think of things to draw. lots of the time finding things to draw is hard for me so that was good. wed. I went to change up and well it was annoying and aggravating but we got through a lot so it was ok. we / Alona Tessa Elisha Zack Jess Liberty Caleb and me are reading this book called the maze runner and it is really good. and drew some more. th. some people took a hike uptown and I was one of them and it was really cool. we went to some parks and ate at seventh street market. fri. I watched a movie and ate lunch. see you next week hopefully…….

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